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Elite care from the comfort and safety of your home

Obstetric Telemedicine

Being pregnant or postpartum in a pandemic is stressful, but we want to make it as worry-free as possible for our patients. This starts with connecting you face-to-face with your provider from the safety and comfort of your own home.

Gynecology Telemedicine

Gynecological wellness doesn't just stop in the midst of a pandemic. If you're experiencing acute symptoms, telemedicine offers the unique opportunity to connect you to your provider – all while reducing the risk of transmitting covid-19.

Obstetrical Appointments

Patients with low risk pregnancies now have the option of telemedicine visits for some of their prenatal appointments to help limit exposure to the novel coronavirus. This telemedicine model of prenatal care is based on research from the Mayo Clinic. Click below to see an example of how a virtual prenatal care schedule may compare to traditional care.

Early pregnancy

If you have a positive pregnancy test and you are under 7 weeks, your first visit can be via telemedicine. We can help you design a plan virtually that includes a healthy mix of your personal goals with recommended medical care.

Postpartum care

After delivery, we understand that your life will not be the same. We can talk you through your new transition virtually. This includes making sure that you’ve healed from delivery, achieve proper spacing between deliveries with birth control, if desired, and address any emotional concerns to optimize the care of you and your newborn.

Gynecology Appointments

Infertility / Birth Control consultations

Want to chat with your provider about having a baby or the best way to prevent having one? Virtual conversations with your provider about birth control and infertility options can be easily discussed in the comfort of your own home.

Medication counseling

We can make adjustments to current medications, provide refills, and prescribe new oral contraception options in a virtual environment.

Menopausal counseling

The symptoms of menopause may disrupt your sleep, lower your energy or affect emotional health. There are many effective treatments available – from lifestyle adjustments to hormone therapy – that we can discuss with you in a virtual setting.

Reviewing results

Waiting for results can cause stress and anxiety under normal circumstances. If you've recently had labs or radiology imaging done, your results can often be reviewed in a virtual setting and options for next steps discussed.

Vaginitis diagnoses

Although usually not serious, symptoms of vaginitis can be uncomfortable. Common vaginal problems with recognizable symptoms, like yeast and urinary tract infections, can often be diagnosed and treated in a virtual environment.

*Your provider may decide an in-person appointment is needed at a later date.

How to Schedule
a Telemedicine Appointment

At this time, telemedicine appointments are available for existing patients only.

Call our office to determine if your gynecological or obstetrical needs can be met virtually. If so, our staff will schedule your telemedicine appointment.


Before Your Appointment

Please review our Telemedicine Informed Consent form located on our website under ``Favorites`` and then ``New Patient Forms.`` Your provider will ask if you agree verbally to this form at the beginning of your appointment.

Prep your environment

Find a quiet area in your home with reliable access to WiFi or cellular signal. You'll also need a computer, smart phone or tablet with a camera and microphone.

Take your vitals

Please take your height, weight and temperature immediately before your appointment. If you have a blood pressure monitor, this information is also helpful. Remember to relax, take a few deep breaths and uncross your legs before taking this reading.

Joining Your Appointment

Ten minutes before your appointment, click on the name of the provider you are scheduled to see below and enter their virtual waiting room.

Chrome and Firefox are preferred for best results.

Check In

Type in your full legal name and click the check in button.

Enable Video/Microphone Access

When prompted, allow video and microphone access. Also, ensure you have a reliable WiFi or cellular signal for best results.

We'll be right with you

Your provider will start the appointment as soon as possible. If you've been waiting longer than 20 minutes and your provider has not virtually arrived, please contact our office at 919.977.7095.